The Mk-13 guided missile launching system (GMLS) is equipped to fire the RIM-66 Standard, RGM-84 Harpoon, and RIM-24 Tartar missiles, and capable of firing the Standard at a rate of one every eight seconds. 

  • Repair and test of GMLS electrical, electromechanical, and mechanical assemblies and spares,
  • Allows rapid repairs of GMLS item for naval platforms,
  • GML System inspection and overhaul performance checks,
  • Repair of GMLS equipment for dockside repairs, 
  • Miscellaneous GMLS system hardware production, 
  • Miscellaneous spares build/upgrades, 
  • Assembly of  GMLS cables/harness, 
  • GMLS alignment checks and solutions for alignment problems, 
  • Combat system problem solutions,
  • Ordalts and modifications,
  • Repair corrosion damage and paint as required,
  • Perform alignments,
  • Mechanical alignments,
  • Electrical alignments,
  • Servo alignments,
  • Test and repair circuit card assemblies,
  • Performance requirements.
  • IMS Controls,
    • Guide Arm Retractable Rail Corrosion Control and Repair,
    • Hoist Alignment and Adjustments,
    • Guide Arm and Trunnion Corrosion Control,
    • Guide Arm Components,
    • Train & Elevation Alignment,
    • Blast Door Operation and Alignment,
    • Nitrogen System Checks,
    • Strikedown Equipment,
    • Motor Contactors,
    • Water Injection System.

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