Who we are?

ON TARGET ALIGNMENT® (OTA) Weapon & Electronic Systems
is a private company that carries out the engineering support services such as;

  • Static and Dynamic Alignment
  • Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul-Modernization
  • Integration-Installation-Inspection-Commissionning
  • Supply-Procurement Management
  • Design (Hardware-Electronics-Software)
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS),
  • Consultancy

with its experienced and qualified personnel in relation to
onboard and land based military and commercial electronic systems at home and abroad.

Our Vision

Designing and producing technologies dedicated to 
the peace and security of humanity.

Our Mission

In order to ensure your uninterrupted national security and
deterrence against your possible aggressions, to undertake your Planned Maintenance, Periodic Alignment and Constant Readiness responsibilities of all your defense and electronic systems with our experienced, trained, certified and competent team and to be your reliable solution partner at your location at all times and conditions.



  • Alignment (Static & Dynamic)
  • Integratıon – Installatİon – Inspectİon
  • Design (Hardware & Electronic & Software)
  • Repair – Maintenance – Overhaul
  • Test (FAT & HAT & SAT)
  • Supply – Procurement – Acquisition Management
  • ILS (Integrated Logistic Support)
  • Training
  • Project Management
  • Consultancy


  • Gun Systems
  • Trackers (Fire Control Systems)
  • Electro-Optic-Laser Systems
  • Guided Missile and Launcher Systems
  • Command & Control Systems
  • Underwater Systems
  • Navigatıon Systems
  • Communicatıon Systems
  • Costal Surveillance Systems
  • Gas Turbine & Machine Control Systems
  • Commercial Vessel
  • Industrial Electronic Systems



  • OTAVAS (On Target Alignment Video Analysis System)
  • MOC (Multiple Operation Console)
  • Underwater Operation Console
  • Electronic Equipment Cabinet
  • OTAWEAS (On Target Alignment Weapon Expulsion Analysis System)
  • Fuse Extractor
  • Gun Fume Extractor
  • Polycarbonate Magazine
  • Crypto System PCB’s
  • Torpido Guidance Electronic Cards
  • Gun Cupola (Turret) Accessories


Our most important reference is our own conscience.
Within the framework of our relations with our customers and suppliers until today;
• We fulfilled every promise we made.
• We have delivered all our projects we have undertaken in full and on time.
• Never cheated on anyone, lied to anyone, did nothing to be ashamed of.
• We have never delayed our payments to government agencies, our suppliers, our employees, and the banks we work with.
• We admitted our unwitting mistakes, confronted them, and promptly compensated.
• No service or product was returned during our promised warranty period.
That’s why we are honorable but humble and we will always remain that way.
Because this is our way of life…

If you do not have a foresight of Planned Maintenance System and Periodic Alignment Program for your national defense systems; you have to pray to God to send you a miracle that will keep you alive and work with a strong insurance company to compensate your damages in the war.



Aydıntepe Mahallesi, Sahil Bulvarı, Harmandalı Sokak, No:22 Tuzla 34947
Istanbul / TURKEY

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