In addition to engineering support services, OTA designs and manufactures mechanical, electronic and software based products in line with customer demands and project requirements, in both military and industrial standards.


(On Target Alignment Video Analysis System)

OTAVAS was designed and manufactured by OTA in 2011. It has been using for meeting the video analysis needs of warships in Turkish Naval Forces during the Dynamic Alignment processes for 10 years.

Operator Console

(MOC: Multiple Operation Console)

We do manufacture tailor-made Operator Console that exactly match customer requirements in military and industrial fields.
Multi-purpose operator consoles, which are used in many areas, are manufactured to meet military and commercial standards.
The mechanical, electronic, software, aesthetic designs of the consoles are fully realized by considering the expectations and sensitivities of the customers.

Underwater Operation Console

Our company designs and manufactures special consoles to be used in a wide variety of purposes and tasks such as;

  • Underwater Operator Console
  • Command & Control Console
  • Weapon & Fire Control Console
  • Communication Console
  • Machine Control Console
  • Air Traffic Control Console
  • Bridge Console

Electronic Equipment Cabinet

System, subsystem and device cabinets used in military and commercial fields are designed and manufactured in accordance with customer demands.
In addition to the physical design and production of electronic device cabinets, device-equipment assembly and cabling services are also provided for military and industrial cabinets in accordance with the requirements of the end user.


(On Target Alignment Weapon Expulsion Analysis System)

The OTAWEAS System has been designed in order to save on the very high costs of torpedo and guided missile firing exercises, which are required to measure submarines’ war readiness after overhaul.
With OTAWEAS, all weapons and their firing system functions can be tested and evaluated from now on, without the need for submarines to fire real torpedoes or guided missiles.
Thus, millions of Dollars have been saved on the costs of guided missiles and/or torpedoes to be fired during the exercise and the cruise costs of warships.
In addition to the very serious financial savings, the laborious activities that sometimes take a few days for the torpedo to be found at sea and taken to the ship after firing have also been ended.

Gun Projectile Fuse Extractor

Fuze Extracted Robot, which is produced by us in order to carry out the necessary maintenance and repair activities by safely disassembling Cannon Projectile fuses of various diameters, is used in ammunition facilities affiliated to the Turkish Naval Forces.

Fuze Extractor, removes or installs fuzes of the 76 mm, 100 mm and 127 mm ammunitions.

Gun Fume Extractor

The Gun Fume (smoke) Extractor, which is used to evacuate the gunpowder gas generated during the cannon firing, was designed and produced designed by our team for the MILGEM Corvette Project of the Turkish Navy.

Polycarbonate Magazine

According to international statistics, 85% of malfunctions during the shooting of metal magazine rifles are caused by magazine problems. Some of these problems are:

  • Deformations caused by physical effects such as impact, falling, crushing, bending,
  • Corrosion in metal,
  • Deformation and corrosion in the magazine spring,
  • Since the inside of the metal magazine is not visible, projectile deformations caused by the bullets being continuously taken out of the magazine and put back into it in order to be counted.

In addition to the material problems of Metal Magazines, the new generation Polycarbon Magazines, which also include advantages such as Lightness, Transparency and Cheapness, have been manufactured by OTA for the Turkish Armed Forces and foreign countries.

Communication and Crypto System PCB’s

Hardware and software designs of Electronic Cards belonging to NATO and National Crypto and Communication Systems are carried out by OTA.

Torpido Guidance Electronic Cards

Within the framework of the needs and demands of the Turkish Naval Forces, 13 different Torpedo Guidance Electronic Cards have been 100% localized by our company.

Access Door Interlock

All of the previously imported Gun Cupola (Turret) accessories like “Acces Door Interlock” are designed and manufactured as 100% domestic poduct in Turkey by our company now.


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